” Where is RAW FORM Kratom From? “

Our Kratom is harvested, cured, dried and powdered in Pontianak, Indonesia. Seasonally , we will bring in strains from Borneo, Jakarta and other regions based on the quality and availability.


” How long can I store Kratom?”

Kratom, in Raw Form Powder should be stored in an airtight container in ambient conditions. Refrigeration is not necessary yet is suggested if the container is to be opened and closed frequently. Moisture is the enemy and exposure to extreme heat will destroy the product.


” Can I buy in BULK ?”

For information regarding purchasing BULK KRATOM , please contact Customer Service at (702) 741-5538 or or email bigdaddy@rawformkratom.com


Kratom, is sold as a bulk botanical specimen with no intended use. Kratom, is NOT SOLD FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION and management will not respond to any questions relating the consumption of KRATOM, in any form. The United States Food and Drug Administration does not allow KRATOM, to be sold for the purpose of human consumption in any form .